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Care Navigation

Care Navigation is about getting the right care, by the right person, at the right time.

Care navigation improves access to primary care services for patients. It allows primary care staff to provide patients with information on health and wellbeing services local to their community.

It is designed to give patients choice to access the most appropriate service, offering their patients some alternatives to having a GP appointment, if it is suitable for them.

When speaking to one of our trained administration team, they will ask you a couple of questions to find out the nature of your call – This is so that we can ensure you are signposted to the correct service as sometimes a GP appointment may not be needed and there may be a better service available.

Community Pharmacy Consultation Service

The NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service was launched by NHS England on the 29 October 2019, to facilitate patients having a same day appointment with their community pharmacist for a minor illness, for example: Earache, Hay fever, cystitis etc. This provides a more convenient treatment closer to patients’ homes.

Our admin team can send a CPCS referral over to a pharmacy of your choice. The Pharmacy will then contact you back within 3 hours for a private consultation. The pharmacist will give you advice and if suitable will recommend over the counter treatment. Alternatively if the Pharmacist feels you need a GP appointment they will contact the practice to arrange this.

Minor Eye Conditions Service

The Minor Eye Conditions Service provides assessment and treatment for people with recently occurring minor eye problems. It is an NHS service provided by accredited Optometrists/Opticians. Examples of minor eye conditions this service can treat are: red, irritated eyes, painful eyes, discharge, flashes or floaters etc.

Our administration team can direct to you local Opticians who offer this service.

Urgent Dental Service

This service is provided according to strict clinical criteria and when you call you will be assessed by a member of the clinical team. Urgent dental problems include the following: Dental/soft tissue infections, severe dental/facial pain, fractured tooth/teeth.

This service operates from 14 different locations across Greater Manchester.

To contact this service you can call 0333 332 3800 from 8am-10pm everyday, including weekends and bank holidays.

Date published: 10th June, 2022
Date last updated: 10th June, 2022