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The Staying Well Team

The Staying Well Team is a project for over 50’s provided by Bury Council. The Staying Well Team will help you to ensure you are receiving great all round care and support, so that you can enjoy good health and maintain your independence.

The Staying Well Team will be able to provide you with advice, support and assistance to enable you to remain healthy, happy and independent for longer.

Once we have taken some basic details a Staying Well Co-ordinator will telephone you and have an informal discussion to help you identify what’s going well and what’s not going so well by using the Quality of Life Tool. We will assist, support and signpost you into services that can help you to maintain or improve your health and wellbeing

Individuals who qualify for the service include those:

  • Aged 50 years and above
  • Registered with the targeted GP practice
  • Resident in the community

Contact the Staying Well Team by visiting: https://theburydirectory.co.uk/services/older-peoples-staying-well-team, alternatively you can call them on 0161 253 5151.

Date published: 4th December, 2020
Date last updated: 6th May, 2022