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HRT is excellent at relieving vasomotor symptoms such as flushes and sweats and it can improve mood. It also maintains bone density whilst you are taking it, especially if combined with exercise. HRT should be used at the LOWEST DOSE for the SHORTEST PERIOD OF TIME to relieve symptoms as there are risks from HRT such as increased incidences of some cancers, blood clots and stroke.

We suggest you have a GP review at least once a year to reassess HRT risks and benefits.

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If you would like help/support with stopping smoking please contact Bury Lifestyle Service on 01612537554.
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Have you or a close family member had Thrombosis/Blood Clots?(Required)
It is thought that the risk of developing a blood clot is 2-4 times higher than normal for women taking HRT tablets. But as the risk of menopausal women developing blood clots is usually very low, the overall risk from taking HRT tablets is still small. It is estimated that for every 1000 women taking HRT tablets for 7.5 years, fewer than 2 will develop a blood clot.
IF you are on the bleed free HRT, have you had any bleeding? (You should not experience bleeding after the first 8 weeks.)
Have you noticed any unusual or unexpected bleeding?(Required)
This might include unusual bleeding in between regular periods, bleeding after sex or bleeding 12 months after your last period?
Do you check your breasts for lumps regularly?(Required)
Out of 1000 women taking HRT between the ages of 50-59, there will be an extra 4 cases of Breast Cancer diagnosed every 5 years. If you use Oestrogen only HRT there are 5 fewer cases diagnosed.
Are you up to date with your cervical screening?(Required)
If you are under the age of 50 then your cervical screening will be every 3 years. For those over the age of 50 this will be every 5 years. If your cervical screening is due please arrange an appointment with reception.
Have you or a close family member got a history of Ovarian Cancer?(Required)
A recent study found that for every 1000 women taking HRT for 5 years, there will be 1 extra case of Ovarian Cancer.
If yes, please provide some more information e.g relationship.
Have you or a close family member got a history of Breast Cancer?(Required)
If yes, please provide some more information e.g. relationship.
Have you ever had a Heart Attack or Stroke?(Required)
Do you have a first degree relative (e.g. parents, siblings or children) who has had a Heart Attack or Stroke?(Required)
Evidence shows that HRT does NOT significantly increase the risk of Cardiovascular Disease (including Heart Disease and Strokes) when started before 60 years of age. Oestrogen-only HRT is associated with no, or reduced, risk of Heart Disease. Taking Oestrogen tablets is associated with a small increase in the risk of stroke, but the risk of stroke for women under age 60 is generally very low, so the overall risk is still small.
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Please note if you are under 55 years old you may need contraception. If you need to discuss this please arrange an appointment with a doctor or a practice nurse.
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Date published: 12th July, 2022
Date last updated: 12th July, 2022